Best honeymoon activities in south Goa

Honeymoons are best celebrated in Goa since the Government markets the state as a tourist destination. There are a bunch of activities to enjoy a good post-wedding holiday, with a mix of leisure, sightseeing and just taking a break.

Being a lot less populated than the north, the South of Goa is a lot calmer and doesn’t have as much hustle and bustle. If couples prefer hanging where the crowds are, there are beaches that are quite mainstream, Colva and Majorda being two of them. Spending the evening watching the sunset makes for a good end to any day. Goa does see some amazing sunsets. Grabbing a quick bite at a shack is also welcoming after a long walk on the beach. Some of the beaches are filled with a bunch of activities from parasailing, water scooters riding that can be quite accelerating, if that is what you are into.

There are a lot of events at Rajendra Bhavan, which is a giant hall in the center of Goa’s commercial capital, Margao. The venue sees stand up acts, plays, poetry recitations and a lot more.

There are a bunch of scenic locations allowing happy hikers and trekkers to head into the wilderness, and spend time with nature. These activities depend on the season since the rains sometimes make for slippery paths and heading into the jungle might not be the smartest idea. Heading out on the roads for a long drive can be quite entertaining since there is some amazing countryside that can be caught in the undeveloped parts of Goa.


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